Resilient American Communities

The Resilient American Communities (RAC) COVID Initiative is a civil society driven public-private consortium. It supports communities in their efforts to prevent and manage the risks of COVID. RAC efforts are particularly focused on increasing social equity within historically disenfranchised populations, to engage local solutions addressing menacing challenges that threaten their health and prosperity.


What We Do Together

The RAC is dedicated to collapsing the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and reducing the devastating COVID-19 syndemic impacts on American communities, with a special focus on the most vulnerable communities. RAC partners with and provides support for community partners, empowering local leaders and community members to enact change in their community.

Dashboards Developed

Maps Created

Panama City/ Bay County

RAC is working with LEAD Coalition of Bay County, whose mission is to work collaboratively to increase safety, build trust and restore neighborhoods.




Sarasota and Manatee Counties

RAC is working with the Multicultural Health Institute (MHI) which seeks to level the healthcare playing field by promoting, educating, and ensuring equal healthcare access and treatment for individuals and communities who are traditionally uninsured and receive a poor quality of care. 

Orange County

RAC is working with Coalition of 100 Black Women, Central Florida, a diverse generational group committed to delivering programming through activities, partnerships and participation opportunities with a significant focus placed on the areas of Public Policy,Economic Empowerment, Environmental Equity, Civic Engagement, Educational Empowerment, Community Advocacy and Health & Wellness.

Migrant Clinicians Network

RAC is working with the Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN).MCN has been chosen to coordinate the RAC Center of Excellence for Migrant Workers and Immigrant Populations.  MCN is a global organization with more than 10,000 constituents. Their work is overseen by a board of directors comprised of frontline clinicians, researchers, policy makers, and academics with experience in and commitment to migrant health.

RAC Communities

Resilient American Communities (RAC) is a convergent network of individuals and US communities with expertise in the challenges of emergent diseases, community disaster, environmental justice, and community resilience and redesign. Its data and communication resources and community-building methods offer well-tested tools to communities responding to COVID-19. 

Available Resources

RAC offers a set of tested tools, methods, content, and guidance that can be used and adapted to respond to the needs of communities that have been affected by COVID-19. The RAC model is designed to be used in collaboration with public health efforts and those of local health centers and health systems.

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